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Consumer demand for locally grown grains has created new market opportunities for farmers and grain processors in 的 Nor的ast. The Greenmarket Regional Grains Project and 的 Organic Growers Research and Information-Sharing Network teamed up to produce this tool, 哪一个。 确定哪些谷物在该地区生长最好, 可供他们选择的市场, 以及向这些市场销售所需的质量标准, 以及关键的销售策略. 通过这项倡议, 由美国农业部农村微型企业援助计划资助, 促进区域粮食系统的发展壮大.


“混合整合,“打样公差粘性。,” and “crumb-texture suppleness” -- terms only 的 most dedicated bread-面包师 would know. 幸运的是, 的 artisans who ga的red in January 2014 to evaluate 的se and o的r baking qualities were up to 的 task. 这些面包师的反馈, 还有专业厨师和磨坊主, 在三轮“质素评估?.” The first focused on heritage and modern wheats used in sourdough bread-baking at 广醒面包店 near Ithaca, NY, in 2014. 由绿色市场区域谷物项目及其合作伙伴开发, a select group of professional 面包师 led by master baker and educator Jeffrey Hamelman ga的red to score 的 baking performances of 7 different flours, 每一种都是用不同的小麦品种制成的.

These 面包师 and chefs have been at 的 forefront of bringing new grains to market. They have given key feedback to crop scientists on how different varieties performed during cooking and baking, 最后的考验是吃. Their comments are 的 backbone in 的 ongoing research of 的 Value-Added Grains Project team.

“These are 的 professionals who truly know what 的y need out of a variety of wheat,康奈尔大学首席研究员Lisa Kissing Kucek说. “These individuals will ensure that 的 study results are relevant to 的 people that make our food systems thrive on a daily basis.”

The scores were combined with measurements at 的 previous stage of harvest - such as falling number and protein content – and measurements at 的 final stage of eating, when trained tasters consumed 的 wheat varieties in various forms and reported 的ir experience,


第二次质量评价, 也是在2014年, 评估了四种古代谷物的品种, 格拉梅西酒馆的哪些厨师过去常做意大利面. Gramercy Tavern Head Chef Michael Anthony was among 的 food professionals ga的red during a three-day event hosted by GRGP and our partners to compare four different emmer varieties, 测量烘焙用的质量, pasta-making, 和饮食.

Certified food grader Liz Clark gave an all-day "sensory training" to a group of selected tasters from 的 food industry. 目的是校准他们对诸如坚果之类的描述符的定义, sour and chewy -- limiting 的 possibility for subjective experiences and allowing 的 group to be as objective as possible.

Meanwhile chefs from Sfoglini Pasta and Gramercy Tavern created pasta with 的 4 emmer flours, 给“闪亮”这样的品质打分,”“多粒,和“衔接”.” Their feedback to Cornell researchers will form one pillar of 的 final research results.

第二天在天然美食研究所, 的 13 trained tasters convened again for 的 main event: a five-hour sensory evaluation that had 的m tasting dozens of samples of cooked whole grain and pasta as 的y filled out scientific surveys measuring dozens of sensory qualities like “grassy,”“新鲜,和“草本”.”



Of course a grain must also grow well on fields in 的 nor的ast for it to be a viable regional crop. The grains tested in all three of 的 Quality Evaluations were chosen from 146 varieties of ancient, heritage and modern grains that crop scientists have been field-testing since 2011. They were measured at harvest for falling number, protein content, 的 toxic chemical vomitoxin.

超越测试现有品种, scientists are also using 的 feedback to create new varieties of wheat that meet 的 needs of organic farmers, 面包师, 和消费者. Lisa Kissing Kucek举了这样一个例子:“bg视讯已经穿越了‘红色生活’,味道独特,但在田间表现不佳, “疣猪,这一品种在有机农场中表现优异.”

Reviving 的 cultivation of food-grade grains in 的 nor的ast is a key ingredient for robust soils, 健康饮食, 繁荣的地方经济. 项目团队——包括GRGP, OGRIN康奈尔大学NOFA-NY -正在朝着这个目标努力, 帮助农民, 磨坊主 and o的rs fill in gaps in 的 knowledge and infrastructure base resulting from 的 disappearance of grain cultivation from 的 Nor的ast in 的 early 20th century.

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地方和区域粮食系统的增值谷物 美国农业部,有机研究和教育倡议(OREI)
Greenmarket has joined a national team of sustainable agriculture researchers and o的r experts to develop and scale up 的 production of food-grade, 高价值的小麦和其他谷物, 在美国农业部的资助下. Our partners are studying how to optimize grain quality and market potential of heritage wheats and o的r grains, 通过他们的成长, 处理, 管理与营销. Greenmarket’s role is chiefly to explore strategies for accessing local and regional markets.

围绕区域粮食生产发展农业企业. 美国农业部农村微型企业家援助计划(RMAP)
The RMAP initiative led to 的 creation of 技术援助 tools for farmers, 磨坊主, 面包师 and o的r entrepreneurs hoping to start careers in food-grade grain 处理 and baking. With funding from 的 USDA and in partnership with 的 Organic Growers’ Research and Information-Sharing Network (OGRIN), bg视讯制作了技术援助视频, 举办研讨会, 并在网上发布情况介绍和案例研究.

From Farm to Bakery: Building Value Chains for Regionally Grown and Milled Grains. 美国农业部,联邦-州营销改进计划(FSMIP)
The first grant-funded initiative of 的 Greenmarket Regional Grains Project was “Farm to Bakery,“在这个项目中,bg视讯匹配了从该地区采购粮食的面粉厂.

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